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Neuromuscular Orthodontics and CranioFacial Orthopedics
2 year Master's program at the University Jaume I, Castellon, Spain

The aim of this two-year Master's course is to introduce you to a new treatment modality and to increase your confidence with complex orthodontic cases.
I've gathered the best pro's in the field that happen to be great friends and teachers. Join the Neuromuscular professional community right now.
Fabio Savastano

General information:

Sign up by October 15th every year.
Classes start online by October 15th.
Exams are online.
Practice sessions are carried out in USA, Russia and Italy during year two.
Tuition: 13.500 Euros for the two years (6750 Euros per annum)*.
All courses and exames are in English.
Total ECTS : 120 ( European Credit Transfer System)
Degree Certificate issued in English or Spanish

Need help for your registration? Contact Dr. Carmen G. Beltran

Grants and Scholarships

Myotronics USA ( has established a scholarship program beginning with 2021-2022 school year
To be eligibile for a scholarship, the applicant must be an owner of a Myotronics J5 or K7 equipment.

Special discounts and offers.

All doctors participating in the Master's course receive very special offers and  discounts from our primary sponsors:

All doctors participating in the Master's course receive very special offers and discounts from our primary sponsors:.

Important Links:



Master registration fees: 13500 euros.


Registration:  before June 15: 1000 euros
                       after June 15 : 3000 euros

January 2021: 1500 eur

March 2021: 2500 eur

May 2021: 3000 eur

July 2021: 3000 eur

September 2021: 500 eur.

Students who wish to be admitted to the master's degree course will previously need to have obtained a letter of acceptance from Dr. Savastano.


Letter of acceptance from the practice director (Dr. Savastano)
Scanned copy of your degree certificate
Spanish translation of Degree Certificate
Scanned copy of Passport (First and Last Pages) Or your national ID card
Receipt of payment

Payment of the registration fee:
1. Payment by Visa or Mastercard credit/debit cards.
2. Direct deposit/bank transfer: Account number: ES64-2100-4236-14-2200003795 (Bank: La Caixa)

*Tuition only, other expenses for practice sessions depending on country may apply. Further information: write to

Prof. Fabio Savastano
Lecturer and NM Orthodontics Master Program Director

Faculty of distinguished lecturers (in alphabetical order)

Prof. Mauricio G. Balut

Prof. Stanislav Blum

Prof. Prabu Raman

Prof. Roberto Rinaldi

Prof. Konstantin Ronkin

Prof. Ira L. Shapira

Prof. Piero Silvestrini

Prof. Curtis Westersund
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