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Fabio Savastano, M.D., DDS, M.S.Orth.

Fabio Savastano is a medical doctor and orthodontist with extensive teaching experience in the field of Neuromuscular Orthodontics. He received his Medical degree Summa Cum Laude from the University of Naples in 1987 and his specialty degree in Orthodontics and Gnathology from the University of Padua in 1990. His main focus since 1988 has been the application of the Neuromuscular Dentistry principals to Orthodontics. He developed a unique orthodontic diagnostic and treatment protocol and concieved Neuromuscular Orthodontics as a distinct branch of the orthodontic specialty (San Paolo, Brazil, 1994,Savasystem). He has lectured in Brazil, Spain, France, India, Bahrain, UAE, Canada, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, UK and Italy since 1989 with courses delivered to over 1200 doctors. He has acquired an extensive experience for complex TMJ pathologies and maxillo-facial surgery as a hospital consultant for 15 years. Director and adjunct professor for the Masters on Neuromuscular Orthodontics at the Universitat of De Valls, Andorra 2015-2017. Founder and President of ICNOG (International College of Neuromuscular Orthodontics and Gnathology) in 2006, perseveres to improve diagnostic and treatment procedures together with Dr. Piero Silvestrini M.D., DDS, Ph.D of Genova (Globaocclusion.com). Author of the book "Neuromuscular Orthodontics: a clinical guide", Spinger, 2023. Adjunct professor and Director for the Masters on Neuromuscular Orthodontics at the Universitat Jaume I, Castellon, Spain, continues to motivate skilled orthodontists in achieving a higher level of their profession.
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