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March 31-April 1 2016 Valencia. Spain
Workshop on “What to do for TMD in children: a neuromuscular perspective.”
April 18-20 2016 Dubai, UAE – Dentistry 2016
Workshop on “Neuromuscular approach to Temporomandibular Disorders“
November 24-26, 2016 Prague, Czech Republic
Workshop on “Neuromuscular Orthodontics”
May 3-5 2017, Madrid, Spain
Workshop on “Neuromuscular Orthodontics”
October 3-5 Kiev,2017, Ukraine
Workshop on “Neuromuscular Orthodontics”
May 24-26 2018, Grottammare, Italy“La migrazione mandibolare spontanea e teoria neuromuscolare”
August 25-26, 2018, Bangalore, India"Neuromuscular Orthodontics"
September 14-16, 2018, Cannes, France "Orthodontic Treatment Planning in Neuromuscular Orthodontics"
December 14-15 2018,Lviv, Ukraine " Mandibular Reposturing: a Neuromuscular Orthodontic Paradigm"
May 16-19 2019, Moscow, Russia"Is it possible to identify a primary swallow disorder with surface electromyography"
May 16-19 2019, Moscow, Russia
"Contemporary Orthodontics, the                           Neuromuscular way"
November 24-27 2019
Castellon, Spain
"Introduction to Neuromuscular Orthodontics Masters Program"
December 12, Lviv, Ukraine
"Bite registration techniques: 3 fast, easy and reliable ways for recording a bite for prosthetic -TMD- ortho cases.".
December 13, Lviv, Ukraine
"How to avoid complicating orthodontics: tips and tricks to make your job easier"
April 3-4  Bergamo-ITALY"Analisi funzionale strumentale nella diagnostica e terapia ortodontica Neuromuscolare"
Eurocclusion International congress COVID SUSPENSION
September 11-14 Calgary, Canada
(concluded as webinar)
"My Orthodontics:avoiding TMD with a Neuromuscular approach"ICCMO ARCHIEVES
21st. Biennial International Congress of ICCMO
"Spontaneous mandibular migration is proof for the neuromuscular theory".VIRTUAL EVENT CLICK HERE
SEPTEMBER 23-25 2022
A fast, easy and reliable way for recording a bite for prosthetic, TMD and ortho needs
May 4-7 2023, GOA, INDIAFunctional and non functional Orthodontic Treatment proceduresICCMO  International Congress
June 21-25 2023, Yerevan Armenia
Neuromuscular Orthodontics meaning and practical application: why fascia, muscles and a peripheric trophic effect can ensure beauty, increase self-awareness, and slow down time.
ICCMO congress
October 5-8 2023
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
The Revolutionary Impact of the Neuromuscular Theory on Orthodontic Treatment

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