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Computerized Mandibular Scanning (CMS)

Visualizing mandibular movements and evaluating muscle function with surface electromyography is the fundamental procedure for Neuromuscular Dentistry. The instrumentation available can deliver very precise and invaluable information to the neuromuscular dentist. Understanding the physiology of your patient makes you capable of achieving an optimal occlusion according to individual functional demands. No other bioelectrical system has this capability: measuring mandibular movements and mandibular posture and evaluating muscle function at the same time. Although this may seem a challenging task, Computerized Mandibular Scanning has gained a certain popularity among practitioners because the instrumentation available today has reached a level of excellency as simplicity of use and sophistication.
The sensor array of the K7 Evaluation system captures the movements of a magnet fixed just under the lower incisors (Fig. 1). A computer to which the K7 system is connected will show this movement on its screen. There are several pre-determined scanning procedures that can be fully customized. All mandibular movements can be reproduced with corresponding Electromyography (EM2) of selected muscles (max 8, Fig2). All the information gathered during scan taking is saved on the patient’s file, and can be printed or sent for consultation via email. The level of sophistication satisfies the most eager researcher as well as the most experienced practitioner. There are various protocols that different slightly from each other, but basically do not differ from Dr. Jankelson’s prescription. Savasystem protocol has been specifically developed by Dr. Savastano to satisfy neuromuscular orthodontic diagnostic and treatment objectives. This is what you need to get started:

Now that your CMS gear is complete, you might want to consider a Savasystem Bracket Prescription.
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